Rave Reviews

I have attended classes with the best of them, and Nicole is at the top of that list.  It is obvious that she brings to the table the vast knowledge that she has about how people learn, plus she rocks the hoop.  This is a totally unsolicited endorsement.

--Mari, Long-time hooper

I’ve taken three series of hoop classes with Nicole and can’t wait for the next one.  She is an enthusiastic, talented, and supportive teacher. With her help I’ve taken my hooping to a whole new, advanced level. I’m often asked by those who see me hoop who my instructor is. The camaraderie, music, and overall fun of her classes make them the highlight of my week.

--Carla P., Student

Nicole is a wonderful entertainer and teacher! She came to our outdoor garden party and our senior residents were very engaged by Nicole’s hoop performance, and they really enjoyed watching staff and volunteers learn how to hoop.  I did not think that I could do it but Nicole made it easy.  I highly recommend having Nicole at your next party. She made the party fun for everyone!

--Erika Shaver-Nelson, Events Coordinator,Chaparral House Skilled Nursing

I first met Nicole at an open hoop jam she organized in downtown Oakland. I was a little nervous about how I'd do, having not had a hoop around me since I was a kid. I'm in my late 40s and wondered...is this something for me, or am I kidding myself...? I had seen the youtube videos and Burning Man videos and wondered...can I do that, too? Or am I too old?

Nicole dispelled every shred of doubt in my mind within about 30 seconds of meeting her. She was so welcoming. There were plenty of hoops to use, so I grabbed one. The first thing she said was "hey! you're already good at this!" with a bright smile. That was it. I was hooked. I watched her dance and was just in awe. She's got a style all her own, incredibly talented. Best of all, she's really happy. You can see it so clearly. She showed me a few things, totally casually...yet I learned them, right away.

Nicole is generous with her time and energy, without getting in my face or making me feel self-conscious. She's one of those rare teachers who knows exactly how much input / feedback to offer. She had excellent tunes blasting not too loud, (but loud enough!), and the whole park was literally transformed into a happy, swirling scene. KIds, moms, dads, bus drivers...we were all out there hooping up a storm, and smiling.

Best of all, she makes phenomenally beautiful hoops that she sells on the spot at very reasonable prices. I have taken a few classes with her and plan to take many more, and she has also invited all of us to come to the local jams and enjoy being part of the growing hooper community.

Whether you're looking for someone to help you overcome your shyness and literally get your hoop off the ground for the first time, or teach you super advanced ninja hooper tricks, Nicole's a wonderful teacher and mentor. So inspiring! Thanks so much!

--Amanda B., East Bay

Nicole is a freakin’ hooping genius.  I’ve asked over 15 people about how to straighten up my lift, and they couldn’t help me.  Nicole was able to fix my technique right away.  I love how she breaks down each trick for beginners AND advanced hoopers, and teaches with enthusiasm.  I have to give her credit for my most difficult moves:  getting the hoop from legs to waist, shoulder hooping, head duck-in, etc.  She’s great at putting her special twist in tricks so we can pick them up faster.

--Choi Tse, Long-time Hooper

I feel like I really lucked out finding Nicole when I was looking for a hoop dance class. She is an excellent teacher: patient, encouraging, and good at explaining complicated moves. Her classes are friendly and welcoming and lots of fun. I highly recommend them!

--Lisa, Psychotherapist

The Cherry Hoops class is great! Nicole is a really patient instructor who creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable learning and trying new tricks. She limits the class size so that there is enough time for her to help/watch every student. She seems to really love what she does, and it shows in her teaching. She makes hooping seem so easy and natural, hopefully one day I can do the same! Practice  : )

--Jennifer Minyard, Scientist

Nicole's classes are so fun and I was hooked from the start. Her enthusiastic, yet easy teaching style really create an environment for success at any level!

--Marina R., District Manager of a San Francisco-based wine company

I LOVED Nicole's class!  I could never hoop before, but now I'm doing amazing tricks!  Nicole made the instructions so easy to understand.  Plus, it was a great way to get in shape.  I noticed that my body really changed in a few short weeks.  My son likes to use my hoop, too, so I ended up getting two!!  I would definitely recommend this class to all of my friends.

--Anahita B., Teacher

Cherry Hoops was the perfect addition to my housewarming barbecue.  My friends and I had a great time!  Nicole is the best teacher!  I was a doubter--I was convinced that I couldn’t hoop, but with Nicole’s clear directions and patient and supportive teaching style, I was hooping in no time.  And doing tricks too!

--Yasmin S., Teacher

Photo by Cadencia Photography.