Course Descriptions

Introduction to Hoop Dance

Haven’t picked up a hoop since you were a kid?  This introductory workshop is designed to bring out the kid in everyone!  We start with the fundamentals of hooping around the waist, practice dancing with the hoop, and explore a handful of introductory moves.  Beginners are welcome!

Beginner Series

This series provides the foundation for your hoop dancing adventures.  We begin with hooping around the waist, then progress through a series of on-the-body and off-the-body moves, including a variety of lifts, jumps, and tosses.  Beginners are welcome!

We currently offer 3 distinct courses within the beginner series (A, B, and C).  Each beginner-friendly course covers different material, so all 3 may be taken for a more comprehensive beginner experience.

Shoulder Hooping Workshop

This workshop is for hoopers who want to get serious about their shoulders!  No previous shoulder hooping experience is needed to jump in on this course and walk away with shoulder hooping flare.  We treat what others think of as “advanced” variations on shoulder hooping as methods for learning the basic skill of maintaining the hoop around the chest and shoulders.  Moves include:  shoulder hooping, chest hooping, shoulder stalls, duck-outs, vertical shoulder hooping, breaks, paddling, and more!

Leg Hooping Workshop

This is our most popular course!  You will begin with a series of fun and unexpected exercises for practicing and smoothing out leg hooping (in the classic sense).  Then, you will expand your leg hooping vocabulary by transforming/translating elements of your existing hoop repertoire into leg hooping goodness!  Together, we explore leg-hooping turns, spirals, breaks, kicks, walking, jumps, passes, one-legged hooping, and foot hooping.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for individuals or small groups.  Receive personalized, one-on-one training in sessions that are tailored to meet your goals.  (Read More)